WRX Invidia N1 Downpipe
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WRX Invidia N1 Downpipe

The Invidia N1 downpipe offers solid lift in power, extraordinary strength gains, and has an assortment setups to look over. This downpipe is accessible in a catless bellmouth, catless separated, and high stream feline prepared separated from plan. Invidia's Downpipe for the WRX and STi highlights a huge 4inch treated steel bellmouth to upgrade power by liberating overabundance gases, and making ideal stream and execution.

A separated wastegate has a plate the projects into the super to isolate exhaust stream emerging from the super to give diminish choppiness. This is really great for stock and more modest turbochargers the distension doesn't work with some reseller's exchange turbos like APS super's for instance. A Bellmouth has a totally open plan that is better for bigger turbochargers with more stream. It will turn out great with a stock or little super, yet it is intended for situations where wastegate disturbance isn't an I ssue. Invidia's catless downpipe will cause a Check Motor Light on your WRX/STi.

While this isn't destructive, it very well may be irritating and impairs the journey control. You can utilize a product arrangement, for example, the Downpipe Golf 6 GTI  Accessport to kill these codes. The high stream catted downpipe isn't discharges legitimate, and may in any case cause a CEL. The high stream feline assists with decreasing lift spiking on the 2.5L engines. Invidia Down Line can be darted up to any Invidia

Exhaust or a stock exhaust for a simple establishment.


Add drive and force

4 inch cast upper area to improve power

3 inch breadth hardened steel channeling Catless bellmouth or catless separated from upper area

High stream feline variant is outfitted with separated from plan

Direct Bolt on for simple establishment

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