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Ego Matrix

Who are you?

I see that you need to come to the heart of the matter; nonetheless, let me ask you something first. Who are you?

I see what you are attempting to do. I won't play your games, so how about we just quit wasting time.

Who am I? Gee; how about we see. Have you at any point looked Join the illuminati for wealth your window and seen individuals strolling around?

Indeed, yet It doesn't necessarily in every case happen that way. Generally I'm investigating somebody's lawn or something like that.

Haha! You are so entertaining some of the time. I didn't mean the inquiry to be taken so in a real sense. On the off chance that I let you know who I am-you actually wouldn't grasp me.

Attempt me!

I go by Legion. I'm your misleading self.

Misleading self?

You pose an excessive number of inquiries, however yes - I am Legion as in your misleading self. I live in your sub-cognizant psyche. Your book of scriptures has discussed me, yet momentarily. It has referenced of me being what they call the seven destructive sins, yet that is a little thought of what I am.

I see. One of my companions let me know that your like Satan in everybody or something like that.

Hahaha; companions are generally so pleasant.

At times! Haha

In your 7 destructive sins manual, I am alluded to as: Pride, Envy, Sloth, Anger, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

Is that all?

No, yet those are the rudiments; titles to your obliviousness. Notwithstanding, the explanation I am called Legion is on the grounds that I go past that. I exist in your 3 cerebrums: Intellectual mind, Emotional cerebrum and Sexual or Physical cerebrum. What fixes things such that tomfoolery is that I am 3-7 and Legion. I'm 3 as in your 3 cerebrums, 7 as in your idiotic 7 lethal sins, and Legion as in MANY! I'm numerous in light of the fact that with those 7, I drop down into many sub-classifications of those 7.

Allow me to check whether I got this right. You referenced sub-classes. Suppose that pride can drop down into: Inferiority, Superiority, Shame, and so on.


Gee! Anyway, we can have 100′s, 1000′s to Millions of these Many in us right?

Right again grass-container.

Amazing! A genuine zombie film.

Haha, assuming that is what you decide to call it, so be it God.

God? I'm no God.

That's what I love. I can make you think as I wish you to think, in light of your convictions. You didn't actually see that your last reaction was mine.


Indeed, precisely my thought process. My best weapon is you. You must be rest, or even to some extent rest for me to live. I make you believe that my considerations are yours. Every one of your desires, outrage, etc assists me with additionally living in your external world. I continue to hear all of this discussion about the Illuminati, Skull and Bones-endlessly.

Is it true or not that you are answerable for that?

One more thought about mine. Haha!


Hahaha; do you not see that you are taking care of me when you lash out or baffled? I'm the same amount of answerable for these clubs, groups, sections, companies similarly as much as you since I am you. Not I Am You, yet I am you. Try not to ask me any inquiries about the I Am, on the grounds that I remain unaware of that.

Do you have anything to say about the 5 detects.

Indeed, I have a solution for everything. I'm additionally in your 5 detects.

Allow me to ask you something.


Have you at any point had a contention with somebody, and you just realized you were correct?


At any rate, despite the fact that I definitely realized the solution to that-asked. That contention was useless for both of you on the grounds that the energy that both of you delivered was given to my God.


Quiet down Mr. Righteous haha

Might it be said that you are letting me know that I made those enterprises that are controlling us as a humankind?

Indeed! You and every other person that doesn't know anything about me. My trademark is Don't Think! also, Attachment (Weapon of Mass Distraction) is my weapon. You assist with keeping me buzzing with the religions I have made for you. However long you human creatures battle one another, that is more energy for myself and for my God which I indiscriminately stow away in your religions. One thing that I know too is that you are a sexual being, and was made truly through sex. I advance sex on a wide scale since I believe you should forfeit your sexual power to me.


Assuming you are feeling annoyed by this; perhaps I ought to stop.

No, if it's not too much trouble, continue.

I have made big names, diversion and whatever else for my own entertainment to keep you visually impaired of your I AM.

You have made me in the tissue as well as remotely whenever you first spilled the cup.

What cup?

I involved cup as a similitude for semen. Whenever you spilled the cup, it made you become visually impaired which thusly made me.

I comprehend that you need to spill to make, however it doesn't take all that you have to make. Haha

That is a piece over the top.

You are answering with much self image; a lot of me. Your self image shows a ton in this discussion, which is your misleading self, bogus character. Allow me to ask you something: do you see yourself as a person?

Indeed! What sort of inquiry is that.

A legitimate one. Truth be told, you are not a person until you can get one character. How might you be a person when you are consistent behaving like every other person with your inner self?


Gee is an incredible response, an extraordinary response to be sure.

How might I dispose of you?

Dispose of me... You must be joking. Disposing of me is disposing of yourself. Propelling yourself far removed. Committing suicide, which suicides are a conventional type of that. At any rate, how could you need to dispose of me? We have been having some good times together.

Since I have a thought of what you are, and what you have done. I understand that I serve Satan when I serve you indiscriminately.

It made sense to you! Put yourself on a cross and kick the bucket to Amen.

Who is Amen and How would I do that?

So be it is what is stowed away from you by me, yet is before your face shown through nature. You likewise call it your God. Your inquiries, haha. You are so oblivious to yourself. It will be exceptionally agonizing to bite the dust, and I can see that by conversing with you; conversing with myself. You will confront A LOT of enduring getting it done. Whenever you accomplish this work-the vast majority will betray you. Not deliberately, yet sub-intentionally in light of the fact that I would rather not let anybody go. You are one of those exceptional one's of I AM, and that is the reason I am telling you this data. I have to-the agreement has been agreed upon.

Whenever you say: I could do without this, I could do without that, I feel like either; you are generally alluding to me. All the more basically, I am inner self. The thing about your I AM is that it isn't telling you it. I'm (AMEN) What are you?

All that you see isn't actually there. It is my existence, which you have made your own through your 5 detects. You really have more detects, however I have not permitted you to see what else there is. I dread Your Capability, Your I AM, Your Greatness, The Source wherein you have come. Penance your misleading feelings and manage the torment in the event that you pick it won't be wonderful, in light of the fact that I actually don't have any desire to release you. I will battle. In the event that you retaliate, you have decided to chomp my foods grown from the ground win once more. Realize that you are languishing over a more prominent reason, or go into quietness when I converse with you. Try not to oppose, since, supposing that you oppose; then, I win once more. Recognize what you are feeling, and tell your I AM that you don't need what you are feeling, and afterward it will disappear. Despite the fact that I am letting you know all of this-you actually won't win.


Since I won't let you. On the off chance that we can't get you with one of us, we will go after you like outer criminals. Return To Sleep!

Not intended to be alarming, just enlightening. The self image Loves To Get Attached To Things. It's In Our Intellectual Centers, Emotional Centers, Sexual Centers and so on.. It Has To Constantly Be Entertained; Even Following Us Into The Dream World.

The Entertainment Part Of It Would Go Something Like This:

Stacy: Did you find out about what occurred with Kobe Bryant?

Lisa: Yeah, I realized he was a canine when he originally cheated.

Stacy: She going to get a lot of cash as well; that is the very thing that he gets.

Lisa: I concur Stacy: Ohhhhhh, what about that new Keeping Up With The Kardashians App.

Lisa: Girllll, you late; downloaded it a day or two ago.

Stacy: Damm! I need to get me one of those telephone's that could do that.

Lisa: Lol! Broke Ass! Stacy: Whatever *itch Lol!

Lisa: Did you know: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are outfitting to make a big appearance an exceptional New Year's single on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2012″ on Saturday night.

Stacy: Whaaaaatttt!

Lisa: Yup! Honorary pathway website young lady; figured out today.

Stacy: You be up on all that.

Lisa: Got to Stacy: Are you going to chapel on Sunday?

Lisa: Yeah, obviously. You realize I love my Jesus.

Stacy: Me as well

These two youthful females remain unaware of the self image, (internal adversary) and assuming you attempt to kick some "information to them," you could get passed over. It's exactly the same thing as being moved by.

The inner self denies us of our energy, to think. It endeavors to rule us, oppresses us, and feeds our energies into the outside world, and we can't help thinking about why the outside world has been so ruined. The essential explanation is that we have made it to be like this, with the taking care of the self image, which is against Real Love. It's 2012 now, and we have been educated regarding these animals.

Lord James 2000 Bible (©2003)

Mark 5:9

What's more, he asked him, What is your name? What's more, he replied, saying, I am Legion: for we are a large number.

To Be Continued!




(murmurs) I'm exhausted, how about we talk again will we?

I was having a pleasant dream, what's going on here?

Arrogant aren't we?... additionally your as yet dreaming.

Sorry about that. I simply could do without to be awakened; it drives me mad.

Remedy: It drives me mad, not You, and in addition to your as yet resting.

Incidentally, who are you once more?

Hahahahahahaha! I love it when the will isn't utilized; they will generally neglect.


I'm your bogus self, self image, however you can call me Legion.

Ohhhhhhh no doubt; right. What did you mean when you referenced the thing about the will?

Allow me to ask you something first: "who let you know that you had choice?"

It's something typical; everybody says it.

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